Why Hairperfecto ?

We are one of the leading companies in Qingdao, China, specializing in the production and export of hair toppers, luxury wigs, and hair
to international markets. 'Clients First, Quality First' is our slogan, reflecting our dedication to delivering high-quality and effective products to the market. We maintain ample stock of hair
toppers, luxury wigs, and extensions
for our clients to test without the need for long wait times.

Why Choose Hairperfecto.com

Elevate your business with HairPerfecto's exceptional hair toppers , wigs and extensions

Diverse Hair Solutions: Quality Assured

  • Versatile Range: Immerse yourself in a diverse selection of hair extensions, from wefts, keratin, tape-ins, clips, halo, to ponytails, and beyond.
  • Color Diversity: Choose from over 60 colors or customize your own shade. Our repertoire includes options like balayage, piano, and blended colors – all expertly replicated.
  • Unwavering Quality: Our commitment to premium hair products is unwavering. Consistent quality stands as the cornerstone of our offerings, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.
  • Robust Production: With a formidable monthly production capacity of 200,000 hair extensions, 8,000 hair toppers and 5,000 wigs.we're equipped to meet your demands with efficiency and timeliness.
Luxury Wigs Processing Details |Hairperfecto

Competitive Pricing, Cosistent Quality & Stable Supply

Why Hairperfecto

  • Competitive Advantage: Leverage our in-house manufacturing and industry know-how to cut out middleman costs, amplifying your profits through competitive wholesale pricing.
  • Unwavering Excellence: Our stringent quality controls oversee every facet of production for hair extensions, hair toppers, and wigs. Each piece is a testament to precision and artistry.
  • Reliable Supply: Backed by a team of 60+ skilled technicians, Hairperfecto churns out over 20,000 hair extensions and 7,000 hair topper wigs monthly. Count on us for a dependable stream of custom-made solutions.

Top Tier Remy Hair Products Manufacturer

Your Trusted Partner in Hair Solutions

For Wholesalers & Distributors

Elevate Your Ventures with Hairperfecto: Premium Virgin Remy Hair for Lasting Brilliance and Beauty. Diverse Styles, Colors, and Lengths. Customization Available. Timely Restocking. Secure Shipping.

For Hair Salon Owner

Top-tier quality hair products available; a versatile array of styles, colors, and lengths to suit diverse preferences. efficient inventory management system, ensuring prompt restocking of popular products.secure shipping methods, ensuring products arrive in flawless condition.

For New or Online

We offer professional consultation on products, production, and the hair industry to launch your business successfully; Diverse hair product range, including custom options.
Our R&D Packaging crafts personalized boxes, accelerating your hair products business launch

Constant Quality

Our stringent quality control processes ensure that each batch of hair meets our exacting standards. You can trust that every purchase from us will be of exceptional quality, providing confidence in your offerings

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Attention wholesalers, distributors, hair salon owners and shop owners! Elevate your business and impress your clients with our premium hair offerings. Reach out today and discover why HairPerfecto is the preferred choice. Get in touch now and seize the best price and quality that await you!